Home in The Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS, one of the most sought after locations and where buying a property is becoming a must have accessory for many celebrities and VIPs around the World. The Bahamas is an English speaking independent country, consisting of 700 islands dispersed over 100,000 square miles of the most blue and clearest waters on the planet with a total population of about 320,000. There is plenty of real estate in The Bahamas to choose from inexpensive plots of land to sprawling mansions something to sort every pocket.


Being a tropical paradise, boasting warm weather year round, The Bahamas offers the much desired outdoor living in a more relaxed atmosphere along with rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul and freedom from the rat race in a concrete jungle. Real estate for sale in the islands is our business and being a licensed real estate agent and appraiser, we can offer you a one stop shop from choosing a property for sale,  appraising it and completing the sale, then renting it and maintaining it through our property management service.

Why Choose The Bahamas

Bahamian winters average to a comfortable 70 degrees Farenheit, cool enough to still enjoy a Bahamian beach day, but warm enough never to get the shivers! There is rainfall year round, mostly being only quick squalls, light mists or brief thunder and lightning storms, keeping our islands looking lush and clean. May and July holds the record for having the most rain; the northern islands having almost twice as much as the southern islands.

The Bahamian culture is a vibrant one. Colorful dancing, rhythmic beats, friendly strangers and vibrant dishes…..Bahamians are a very spirited bunch. Many times it’s the sun, sand and sea that draws visitors back for a second time; however, it’s the people and the culture that makes visitors want to become residents.


Property Shop Bahamas offers property mainly on the lovely islands of Exuma and Long Island; two islands in the southern Bahamas that makes island living real island living. No traffic, no street lights, one main road and lots of beaches where the only foot prints in the sand are your own. The family islands and cays represent excellent value for your money.

Purchasing property in an international country can be a bit nerve wrecking. However, The Bahamas is known to be one of the most hospitable countries of the world to foreign investment. The Bahamas is also a tax free haven, being the only place in the world that you can invest in a home and don’t have to live there year round.

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